Hey it’s Brian and I just want to say thank you so much to all the people that were involved in the brainstorming, the writing, the multiple rounds of editing, and the powerful launch of Start With Your People. This has truly been a team effort and on this page, we make our best attempt to thank everybody involved in the project. Thanks for being here and you can look at all the people on this page and give them some love, find them on social media, subscribe to their email. I could not have done it without them and I just wanted YOU all to know how much I appreciate you!

I recognize that we could have made a mistake or a misspelling, so please feel free to request a change below!

"Start with Your People: The Daily Decision That Makes The Difference is a must-read for anyone who wants to influence the world around them. Brian takes you on a journey of recognizing the people in your life who you can serve and leads you toward practical ways to show up for them."

Emily Ryan

Bringing a book to life is truly a team effort! I'd like to thank each of you for helping create this book:

  • Lisa Jackson,
  • The Team at Alive Literary,
  • Stephanie Smith,
  • The Team at Zondervan,
  • Alicia,
  • Robin,
  • Keith,
  • Tom,
  • David,
  • Matthew,
  • Dan and Joanne Miller,
  • Julie Dixon & my home team,
  • Ryland Dixon
  • Emmaline Dixon
  • Hudson Dixon
  • Larry and Linda Dixon
  • George and Annette Murray,
  • Denae Armstrong,
  • Amy Chapman,
  • Daniel Decker,
  • Tim Willard,
  • Hope Dover,
  • All our editing interns,
  • All our launch team members,
  • All the members of Hope*Writers,
  • Gary Morland,
  • Emily P. Freeman.









To the friends and colleagues who continue to challenge me to level up, including:

  • Amy Porterfield,
  • Ruth Soukup,
  • David Taylor,
  • Ray Edwards,
  • Henry Hays,
  • Jamal Miller,
  • Zac Jiwa,
  • David Ogwyn,
  • Kevin Conklin,
  • Ryan Levesque,
  • Shane Freeman,
  • Sheila Murphy,
  • Chad and Myquillyn Smith,
  • Kent Julian,
  • Ryan Holiday,
  • Jeremy and Amanda Bacon,
  • Alicia Mundt,
  • Ben Arment,
  • Jennifer Allwood,
  • Ryan and Stephanie Langford,
  • Jevonnah Ellison,
  • Michael Hyatt,
  • Kary Oberbrunner,
  • Mike Kim,
  • Stu McLaren,
  • Chandler Bolt,
  • Jonathan Milligan,
  • Mark Timm,
  • Pat Flynn,
  • Cliff Ravenscraft,
  • Jeff Goins,
  • Pete Vargas,
  • Rachel Miller,
  • Susie Moore,
  • Rhéal Pelland.

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